When you mention board games as an example of time well spent with family and friends, most people respond by saying “I don’t like playing chess” or “I am tired of playing Monopoly.” Over the past decade board games have evolved far beyond Ludo or Snakes and Ladders.


Benefits of Playing Board Games

  1. Spend time with family and friends

  2. Engage in activities that do not involve staring at a computer screen or a smartphone

  3. Exercise your brain by learning something new

  4. Improve your memory by keeping track of what is happening in the game

  5. Revive your creativity and problem-solving skills

  6. Practice problem solving, storytelling, goal-setting, and other skills

  7. Just have fun!

  8. Memory formation and cognitive skills

  9. Reduces risks for mental diseases

  10. Lowers blood pressure

  11. Speed up your responses

  12. Reduce stress

  13. Grows your immune system

  14. Child development

  15. Therapy treatment


We have a collection of table top games both Traditional Games of Ancient India & Modern Games from around the world that Improve thinking skills, social skills and offers gadget free entertainment.  Jon Omnio World Games to have a fun family time and learn as you play!