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The Omnio Future organization provides various kinds of training for educators and facilitators. The Omnio Educators Program (OEP) is a unique course offered by the Omnio Learning Centre (OLC) at the Senior Level.


In order to awaken this tremendous possibility of learning within children, OLC has used ancient wisdom as well as modern scientific concepts from Consciousness Studies and Research that have been conducted over the past twenty years, around the world.


In current times, Education is seen as an Intellectual process. Psychology, as a discipline, is seen as the study of  Mind, and they are considered separate domains. However in ancient India, education and psychology went hand in hand with each other.  Both were parts that would lead to a holistic human development. Quantum Learning targets not only the conscious mind’s intellectual process, but also the subconscious mind’s learning capabilities and processes. OLC believes that this subconscious learning is the key to self-motivated and auto-didactic learning throughout life, for an individual.


In the Omnio Educators Program, students will be trained in this new thinking and system of educating the child.


The Omnio Educators Program is constructed around a core six month course. Extended learning is built into modules around the core  which will extend the course up to two years. Temple of Excellence, the first unit of Omnio Learning Centre in Bangalore, will conduct dedicated programs on training both part-time as well as full-time Omnio Educators. Start dates of the OEP program are announced on our website .




The first Omnio Learning Centre using the concept of Quantum Learning is the ‘Temple of Excellence’ at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore. There will be more OLCs opening in future, in other cities as well. The Bangalore centre will expand and need teachers who will need to be educated in OEP. The other OLC centres will need teachers trained in OEP as well.


Temple of Learning – the OLC centre in Bangalore, where the OEP programs will be conducted, will also parallelly conduct Omnio educational programs for children of different age groups. Thus the OEP students will be able to practically learn, in a hands-on fashion, from the child education programs that are ongoing.


Who can enrol for the OEP program ?

  • Right after Senior Secondary (12th exam) – the student can enrol in a correspondence course from Open Universities for their graduate degree, and take up the OEP program parallelly

  • Those who want to do a B.Ed. program can take up the B.Ed. course in correspondence mode from an Open University, and take up the OEP program parallelly

  • Those who have just completed their graduation in any stream and are looking for a career in Education

  • Those who are already pursuing a vocation – but are looking for a change in career to something challenging



  • Teaching

  • Counselling in schools, colleges

  • Job at Birthing Centres and Maternity Homes

  • Infant Education

  • Pre and perinatal psychology



Open Constructive Learning Environment – is a methodology which will be followed for educating children.

The OEP course itself will be conducted using this methodology which facilitates Quantum Learning. The experience will not only open out career paths for students of OEP, but this training experience will be empowering for their own lives, and for anything that they want to do in the future.

The students of the OEP course will be guided into the Omnio Learning process through the Omnio Learning process.



  • Pre-natal Educator Course – Contrary to popular perception a baby inside the womb is a very powerful learner. This course prepares and empowers a person to teach an unborn child when it is still in the womb.

  • Infancy Educator Course – From birth until two years of age, while its conscious mind is still developing, the baby still continues to learn subconsciously. This course prepares and empowers a person to teach an infant.

  • Lahari Mentors Course – Lahari is a powerful metaphysical process for reprogramming the subconscious. Based on a deep spiritual foundation, this course prepares a person to heal others and provides for solutions for situations in life.

  • Omnio Parenting Course – This course prepares parents to understand themselves and move further with their child in the course of parenting.

  • OLC Facilitators Course – this is a vocational course which prepares a person to pursue a profession of pre- and peri-natal education of children.

  • School Teacher Training – This course prepares a person for an in-depth understanding and appreciation of learning and teaching processes which happen in classrooms between a teacher and a child.

  • THE OEP Course will also include guidance to complete relevant courses and certifications. Example: Pre-Natal and Peri-Natal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Program – from the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)