Learning in the womb of Mother Nature

Prenatal Education is the stage from womb to cradle where the focus is on laying the foundation for the human being and Infant Education focuses on the infancy stage from cradle to the feet where the focus is in laying the foundation to being human. It is the second part of the foundation building of a human being. Infancy is the transition stage between the mother’s womb to the world when the truth is the child is being nurtured in Mother Nature’s womb. Indeed, if Prenatal education is akin to theory classes, then Infant education is definitely the practical side of it. With more than 100 billion neurons at birth, the human brain is the most complex organ. At the stage of infancy, the brain is most active and has the highest potential of learning. Nature is the biggest teacher of an infant.


Learning potential of an infant

Babies are natural meditators with dominant delta waves in their brains thus making them highly spiritual beings. A human baby is capable of learning multiple languages, math, music and arts. A human baby can evolve very high levels of emotions, social skills and thinking skills. Any positive stimulant given to a baby can be a platform for success as an adult and any negative stimulant causes permanent damage in all round development. Babies learn through subconscious and metaphysical methods.



Infancy period is a part of a powerful the three-phase period in the growth and development of a child. The three phases are preconception period (about 3-6 months preceding conception), the course of pregnancy and Infancy. The entire formative base of a child is being made then. This will become the core area of the child and is called Individuality. On this substratum, from age of 3 years onwards the child begins to operate with a Conscious Mind. Then it develops various Personalities like School Student, Engineer, Doctor, Businessman, Father, Son, Wife and so on.
The Personalities are based on the Individuality.


During Infancy period the child is a powerful subconscious learner. The subconscious mind of the child has super human capabilities – like while hypnotised or in a trance. It predominantly operates in Delta wave frequencies which range 0.5 to 4 Hz or cycles per second. It receives and processes data/information from the environment and parents. You can get an idea of the comparative power by this simple fact. The conscious mind of an adult human processes 40 signals per second whereas the babies subconscious mind processes 2 to crore signals per second!


The child is a phenomenal learner in this period and parents can provide holistic inputs for this eager learner. It is an opportunity and truly the responsibility of parents to facilitate learning.


Features of Omnio Infancy Programmes

  • Subconscious Learning Methodology.

  • Participation of both the parents and caretakers in developmental programmes.

  • Periodical check on milestones and development.

  • Parenting programmes and counseling for new parents.

  • Guidelines on creating a positively stimulating environment.

  • Usage of age appropriate toys at home or at Infant Learning centers.

  • Enhancing Self Concept supporting the growing “I” awareness of the infant.

  • Developing Language, Math, Music, Arts, Thinking Skills and Value education in infants through parents using educational tools.



Omnio Infancy programme is a special programme to address the needs of a child in the course of Infancy. Usually, Infancy lasts for about 2 to 3 years from the time a child is born. Parents are care-givers, nourishers and protectors in this phase of life of a child. These roles are well understood by providing nutrition, medical care, immunisations and the like. However, parents are often unaware or at a loss to understand how they could facilitate a more holistic and purposeful life for the child. Such empowerment should facilitate in all the later years of life of the child. Omnio Future has pioneered the empowerment of parents of infants and those expecting a child through the course of pregnancy. The methodology used in simple, yet very powerful. Omnio Infancy, combines Ancient Wisdom from our scriptures/seers and blends it with modern sciences.



The Omnio Infancy Package is for parents who wish to empower their infants holistically. It has been carefully constructed over years of practice to foster the best understanding and enablement of parents and their infants. The package consists of a set of Omnio Cards. The cards focus on eight different inputs necessary for an infant’s holistic development . These are :

1. Omniology
2. Thinking Skills
3. Affective Sciences
4. Reasoning Skills
5. Human Sciences
6. Psychology
7.Subconscious Construction
8. Virtues

Methodology and Practice : Creating specific subconscious input frequencies is done using the extremely powerful Sri Yantra . This Yantra has been glorified in our scriptures as the most powerful of all tools and techniques. Adi Sankaracharya had even said that this Yantra could replace all the deities and pictorial images of Gods. A unique and powerful Subconscious Language Programming has been developed by creating Omnio Cards. Repetition is a known technique for influencing the development of the subconscious. Using Omnio Cards, the Infants subconscious mind exposed to holistic inputs covering the above mentioned eight areas. There are 400 Omnio Cards in this package. 50 cards pertain to one developmental area where inputs are to be given to a child. As mentioned earlier 8 developmental areas viz. Omniology, Thinking Skills, Affective Sciences, Reasoning Skills, Human Sciences, Psychology, Subconscious Construction and Virtues are covered.


Omnio Cards practice should be used regularly in the course of Infancy. However, the same can be used even up to the age of 5 to 6 years. It can be stored in an album and preserved over time. Usage in later years will recharge the creative developmental frequencies in the mind of the child and help in overall development. These contents come packaged in a beautiful Gift Box. Usage Guidance is provided with the package. If you need further help, you can contact us for Guidance Sessions.


2] OMNIO INFANCY COURSE – Omnio Infancy Course for empowering parents is run as a Residential Programme. However many parents, are unable to take this up due to their preoccupations. Our endeavour is to put up the available knowledge as videos/audio tools which can be easily accessed by parents anywhere at any time. Most of these knowledge resources will be made available as Online Courses.


  • What is to be done when the baby is born?

  • How to name the child?

  • What is the importance of milestones – physical, emotional, social, mental?

  • What are age appropriate toys and educational tools?

  • Emotions of the child – Why do babies smile?

  • Do babies dream?

  • How does the baby use its senses?

  • What does the child need to be told and how much does the child know?

  • What is brain development in the first 2 years?

  • How to develop thinking skills in the child?

  • How can spiritual education, confidence building, self development and independence of thought be induced by parents?

  • How to know a child as a complete individual and not a miniature of the parent?

  • What is good parenting?

  • How to lay a proper foundation for further education?

  • How do you raise a child to be a contributor rather than a consumer?

  • How to discipline an infant?

  • Is it possible to provide value education to an infant?

  • How to guide the child into constructive play and how to avoid destructive play?

The OIP [Omnio Infancy Package] and Omnio Infancy Course are conducted as regular sessions at TEMPLE OF EXCELLENCE.