OMNIO HEART: Omnio Heart is a program that unleashes the power of the Heart-Learning.

Heart is the centre of learning in a human being. It is not only part of the physiology or body pumping blood to be supplied to the organs but in fact functions as a Power House guiding and interacting with the brain, neural system and other organs.


The heart has been discovered to be a super-brain sending out more electrical, magnetic, chemical and physical signals and performs a range of coordinated functions.


HeartMath Institute, USA has brought to the foreground astounding knowledge and facts about the physiology of the heart and technology to systematically harness the power of the heart.


Omnio Heart uses the knowledge from our Ancient Sciences of the Heart and blends it with the technology of HeartMath Institute to help children cope with /overcome learning difficulties and disorders, enhance learning potential, build creativity and expand resilience to augment a child’s complete potential.