It is the vision of TOE to provide a platform for children and parents to avail of the precious opportunity to enhance learning potential. This results in stronger individuals with creative potentials and harmonious living thus creating a better society and a better world! Careers of the future demand adaptability and creativity along with self motivation and self discipline. The world is moving towards a new way of educating children and TOE is a forerunner in reinventing the Gurukulam system.

Education can be defined as a process that facilitates learning. As citizens of an exponentially progressing human community, we all have a vested interest in education. However, educationist around the world in the last century have been focusing on “teaching” methodologies and aids with an approach that learning is directly proportional to intellect and teaching should be an action that should result in learning.

Our ancient scriptures and many modern researches in science have established that learning is not solely an intellectual activity. In fact, “TEACHING CAN BE DONE; BUT LEARNING IS A OCCURRENCE”. Therefore what is needed to enhance the learning potential of a child is the in depth understanding of how learning occurs and thereafter create the circumstances for that occurrence. Learning is a subconscious process and our ancient wisdom is brimming with the know-how of reprogramming the subconscious to create better learning.

Rote learning seems to be a matter of the past. The growing awareness that is evident in new generations of children who seek understanding and explanation like never before. Education cannot be just about information transfer. It is necessary to have an assimilation of the various facts that are imbibed. These facts then need to be threaded with each other and connected to the Self Awareness of the child, in order for application of what is learnt in what is thought and lived!

In the past few hundred years many successful ideologies of pedagogy have emerged in different parts of the world. However, these systems have been extremely successfully in the nations and cultures where they were invented.  If you wonder why this is – it is because culture is an element of the subconscious; every culture has always had its own learning system and potential.

Gurukulam is a system that has been nurturing learning in the Indian subconscious since times immemorial. Omnio Future has redesigned the Gurukulam system along with modern sciences to empower the Indian child and prepare them for success. Temple of Excellence is dedicated towards this cause.