Omnio Future and Shivanetra based in Bangalore, India have been conducting Life Empowerment sessions over the years. In our unique approach, we have created a fine blend of Ancient Spiritual Wisdom of India and Modern Sciences. We remain committed to our special focus – the early period of life which is the formative days of Preconception, Pregnancy, Infancy and Early Childhood.


There had been a long-standing request from participants across cities/countries to make the learning easily accessible to overcome the obstacle of distance. Keeping this in mind, Omnio Future is indeed happy to announce the launch of a unique online program titled “ OMNIO FUTURE EDUCATIONAL PRACTITIONERS TRAINING PROGRAM.” A complete brochure detailing the content and the methodology is attached. You could send us an application for the course by clicking on the following link​ .


You will notice that the program takes aspiring Vocational Practitioners through a step by step process. It will be conducted fully online in sessions of 2-hour duration.


The first part of the program between 16th to 27th July 2018, will cover the basics of Indian Spirituality. Topics will include an understanding of the play of Energies in the Universe through the Human Structure as Gunas, Tatvas, Koshas and Rasas. This is foundational.

The second part of the program between 30th July and 3rd August 2018, will take the participants through an understanding of the Scriptures dealing with Vedic Embryology and Educational Framework.


The first and second parts would be highly appealing not only Vocational Aspirants, Parents and Teachers , but also Spiritual Seekers ! Completing the first 10 days will be a prerequisite for the online Bhagavad Gita course, that will begin on 27th July 2018 ( details for this will be sent separately).


The subsequent parts will create vocational opportunities for those seeking to specialise in education pertaining to Preconception and Pregnancy; Infancy and Early Childhood Phases of Life.


The aim of the program is to create a learning platform for those who wish to take to Omnio Educational Practice or aim for Spiritual Awareness/Self Development.


We would be very happy if you could take up the course – this will be conducted online on ZOOM. Please do forward this message to your friends and associates who may have an interest in these subjects.


PARENTS OF GURUKULAM CHILDREN – Please note the BASIC PROGRAM between 16th and 27th July 2018 IS COMPULSORY for you. This is made available FREE without any charges.


We would be happy to provide clarifications on Whats App ( +91 89701 80345 or +91 8105 352 452 ) or via email on .

Shivoham !